iPhone Storage Space Woes


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iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s

I have an iPhone. I absolutely love it, well almost. I purchased the 16gb 4s iPhone back in May. I’ve barely had any issues with it (which is a huge plus considering I have had phone issues with almost every single phone I have gotten before). I loved that everything from my iPod touch synced right onto my iPhone, it’s very user friendly, and I love being able to play my music in my car with my existing transmitter since I got rid of my iPod touch when getting the phone.

Until a few months ago I hadn’t been concerned with the space issue of my 16gb phone. When I first received the phone, although it’s 16gb, I actually only get about 13.5gb to use because the phone’s software takes up the other space. I find that a little annoying, because to me the phone software shouldn’t be included in the 16gb space.

When syncing the phone I always noticed there is an “other” section listed that takes up some of the 16gb space. At the beginning it was less than 1/2 a gb so I didn’t give it much thought. However over the past few months that 1/2 gb has turned into 4.5 gb. Now it would be nice to know what exactly that “other” section includes so I can erase it to have the space available once again. I’m a huge photo/video taker and always download all kinds of ridiculous apps, plus I have all my music on this phone so I need every mb of space I can get my hands on.

Tonight I decided to do something about it. First I googled information on deleting the infamous “other” and found something to do. I did it and viola 3 gb space changed from “other” to “free”. Then I deleted everything I could possibly think of, notes I didn’t need, messages, voicemails, call logs, contacts I didn’t talk to. I even transferred all my pictures/videos to my computer and deleted 350 of the 420-some that I had on the phone. After all that was said I had over 5 gb of free space (after having 0 this morning). I was so excited.

Then to cement the changes in iTunes I synced it with my computer. And all of a sudden the “other” section increased even more to almost 5gb now. I have no idea what in the world happened. Everything that I cleared and deleted is still gone, but yet somehow tons of space is being used again. WTF.

I’m going to call Verizon tomorrow and see if they can figure out what in the world is going on. Hopefully they get it fixed. I do not appreciate having a 16gb phone where I’m only allowed to use about 8gb.

Coincidence, Mistaken Identity, or Punishment?


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I think my car is being targeted. Either that, or some person[s] is/are mistaking my car for someone else’s. I’ve had my current car for roughly six and a half years, but it the last year and a half some very annoying and strange things have been happening to it. The more things keep happening the more I’m starting to believe that it’s not a coincidence.

The first thing happened around the end of spring and beginning of summer last year. I got into my car one morning to go to work and noticed something hanging in the passenger window. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, so I got out of my car and went to the passenger side. There sticking in the top of my door, and slightly prying the door open, was a tire iron. In the opening the tire iron made was a metal clothes hanger that had been pulled into a straight piece of metal that I can only assume was being used as a device to try to unlock the door. From what I can tell, they never actually got into the car (since the evidence was still stuck in the door) and nothing was missing from inside. Furthermore, there wasn’t anything of value in my car to steal. It was actually quite clean at the time, so there wasn’t even the possibility of something of value being hidden under some junk. I called the police station and made a report by phone.

A couple of weeks later, I left my apartment, got into my car, and began driving to my parents’ house in a small town a few miles from the large town I live in. As I was driving I went to look in the passenger mirror to see if the right lane was clear and noticed the mirror was missing. When I got to my parents’ house I examined the spot where the mirror had been, which had no damage. There also wasn’t any damage to the passenger side of my car. It appeared as if someone had come up to my car in my apartment parking lot and knocked/kicked/punched/ripped the mirror right off. I didn’t bother making a report that time, but I did inform the manager of my apartment building of both incidents with my car.

The next attack to my car happened the beginning of this year. I left work and stopped at the grocery store on my way home. I was driving down the lane in front of the store, and then proceeded to turn into the parking aisle to park. I waited until it was clear [while waiting I noticed a car just in front of me, facing me head on, stopped up against a curb], and then turned into the aisle which caused me to turn in front of the stopped car. As I began turning I looked right and realized the car had started to move toward me. Thinking the car was going to realize I was there and stop I looked forward to finish completing the turn into the aisle when my car was struck on the passenger side by the “stopped” car. I looked into the car and noticed four people inside, when the car hit me a second time. The collision caused my car to rotate 90 degrees and hit another car (that was behind me at this point). I started to pick up my cell phone to call 911, and when I looked back up the car was driving away. I noticed the car only had paper license plates, so no license plate number I could write down. The police arrived, took down all the information including witness statements. To this day the other car was never found.

A couple of months after this accident my car was parked on the street across from my parents’ house [this is generally where I park because my parent’s usually have a full driveway]. I was inside hanging out with my little brother. My dad came home from work and when he walked inside he said that as he drove down the street, he noticed someone in their car, sitting next to my car, taking pictures of my car. None of us could figure out what the reason was. The only thing we considered was that maybe they thought I was in a different accident (paint was scratched off the left side of my car’s bumper and the left tail light was broken in the previous accident) and wanted to take pictures to show to someone or whatnot. My dad kept checking outside, but never saw anyone else around my car.

Now, this morning, just a few hours ago I was at my parents’ house again, parked in the same spot across the street. After watching a few movies, my brother and I decided to go to the gas station to get something to drink. As I got to the end of my driveway I realized that there was writing in the freshly fallen snow on the driver side windows of my car. The words said “Die Bitch”. “Hi” was also written on the back windshield and on the trunk. I took a picture of the words “Die Bitch,” then brushed all the snow off my car. As I drove to the gas station I had my little brother send the picture to my dad’s phone. While we were gone, he went out and followed footprints that were in the snow leading up to my car and then away from it. He got quite a few blocks away when I cop that was driving by stopped and asked what he was doing. He explained the situation and the cop told him to head home and he would head there too and make a report. When I got back from the gas station I found this information out and then left information with the cop for his report.

So, I’m sure all of these things could just be coincidences, but it seems so unlikely. I know of very few people who have had their cars broken into, but never anyone that has had this many things happen to them. I also had my previous car keyed in my parents’ driveway as well. I’m a little freaked out about the situation and am definitely considering getting a new car [in case, the people have just mistaken my very popular car for someone else’s] but I also worry that if it is me that they are targeting then I don’t want to subject a new car to this kind of beating.



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It’s my ex-boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow. I’m not sure whether I should tell him happy birthday or not, and if I do whether I should do it on FB, by text, or another method. We were friends for two years before we dated and friends afterward. We’ve talked on occasion for the past couple years, but he missed my last two birthdays (this past year he said happy birthday a couple days after it).

Let me know what you think I should do, or what you would do in this situation. Thanks in advance for your comments. 🙂

My Little Brother


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I have a total of six siblings. Two are older, a half-sister and half-brother, with whom I share a biological father. The last time I saw my half-brother was before the new millennium. I’ve seen my half-sister more recently but still only twice since the 90s. Basically, I don’t associate with them.

My younger four siblings, along with my best friend of 9 years and my grandmother, are the ones that keep me alive. These siblings are the world to me. There are my two step-sisters who are both over 18, my littlest half-sister who is in elementary school, and then there is my younger half-brother who is in high school. I don’t say this lightly, but my little brother is my favorite sibling.

Now I love my four younger siblings to the moon and back, quite a few times, but there’s a special bond between me and my brother. Until I was 10, aside from a few scattered weekends up until the age of four, I was an only child, and only grandchild [until age 9]. I rarely experience having other kids around and I desperately wanted a younger brother.

When I was 10 My mother married a guy and had my little brother. Shortly thereafter she got a divorce and for quite a while it was just my mom, my brother, and me. My mother worked at home, but was consistently busy all day and all night, so I ended up with a lot of responsibility. By the age of 12 I was doing all my laundry myself, plus my brother’s laundry a lot, cleaning the whole apartment on a regular basis, feeding my brother, changing him, bathing him, and in the summer I would watch him for almost the entire day.

My brother and I still have some sibling rivalry, I think in most part because of the difference in our ages, but I would walk through fire for him. I love him so much it’s surprises me. I almost wonder if it’s close to the kind of love a mother has for her child.

Now that my brother is in high school, I imagine the day soon when he will graduate and be off to college, getting married, and starting a family. I worry that our bond won’t stay as strong.

As time goes on, regardless of the distance between us and the paths our lives take, I hope that I always stay as connected to my younger siblings.


The Beginning


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This is yet another blog that I am starting, the fourth or fifth if I remember correctly. But the first one that I decided to do anonymously. Behind the curtain I feel that I can share my thoughts fully and candidly without fear of retribution.

I am a woman with a weight issue. I have been overweight for the vast majority of my life, and obese for quite some time. I find it to be a daily struggle. I work from home and attend online school, not strictly for the flexibility as I tell others while trying to convince myself, but simply so I can avoid as many people as possible. I feel fat and ugly, and have for as long as I can remember. I dread meeting new people, first because I hate trying to pick something to wear from my “wardrobe”, most of which is extremely unflattering and certainly not comfortable for me to wear. And second because I hate imagining what people see when they look at me. Most of the time when I look in the mirror I feel like I look “alright,” or “okay,” or “ordinary,” but when I see pictures of myself taken when I don’t have time to try to strike the best pose so as to hide my double chin, or to have just the right smirk on my face because a smile certainly makes me look uglier, all I see is a big, fat, ugly girl. I’m worried that is what everyone else sees as well.

I can blame my condition on numerous people, myself included, but I’m afraid I am my only hope of digging my way out of the very large hole I’ve buried myself in. I lack the will power, the strength, the courage, the self-esteem, and the power to overcome the pain of exercising enough to actually do some good. I also can’t find a way to stop eating for comfort when I’m in pain or stressed. I know how to cook very little food, most of which isn’t too healthy. I lack the knowledge to make healthy food appetizing, the money to afford the better-for-me food, and the tunnel vision to block out the deliciously unhealthy food at the store. I constantly look for answers, but feel like I’m just wasting my life.

Aside from my mother’s birth mother, a woman with whom I feel I could never discuss weight issues with, I am the largest person in my family which makes me feel so alone. I’m hoping that through this blog I can begin to find my voice, and make a life for myself whether it’s as an obese woman or a formerly obese woman.

I’m just a girl on the outside, desperately trying to get in.